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Default Countryside Back Garden!

Hi new on here and this is my first post! Have always had a passion for wildlife and birds and last September we moved into a lovely house in the countryside on the border of Worcestershire and Warwickshire. I made sure there was a constant supply of food over the winter months and there was so much activity in the garden it was great! Not putting any food out at the moment as there doesn't seem to be many birds around at the moment, but we do a Whitethroat that has been here for about 6 weeks, but seems to have moved on now.

We do however have several families of house martins that are breeding under the eaves, and i reckon they could be on their 3rd brood now!

I'm quite looking forward to the colder months and getting the bird feeders out again, and deffo going to get some new feeders. Here is a list of birds that have been in the garden, some regular, others just seen once or twice.

Blue Tits
Great Tits
Coal Tit
Long Tailed Tits
Great Spotted Woodpecker (regular in winter but see them all the time)
Male Bullfinch (front garden only) (update, see last video!)
Male Pheasant!
Tree Creeper
House Martins, lots of
Male Black Cap (regular visitor in winter)
Whitethroat (Summer Visitor)

Some videos -






Couldn't believe it this evening! I was in the garden trying to get some footage of the house martins coming in and a pair of Bullfinches flew in! The video is pretty poor, but you can see them hovering, which I never knew they did until now. The first one you see hovering is the female, and the second near the end is the male.


Hope they come back!

By the way, our cats are indoor cats so no threat to the local bird population.

Will keep updating this when something new pays us a visit!

Would love to get some cctv/webcams set up in the garden if I had the money!

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Hi Will and welcome,

I am also new here but enjoying the reading so far, Thats a wide selection of visitors you have there mate. Ive got a new garden family myself and its growing rapidly as the days go by, Hopefully the list will grow as long as yours in future

Good Luck!
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WOW. Lots of nuthatch!?
they are the bird I've been trying to attract for over a year.
What food and feeders do you put out.... and is your garden huge or are you just lucky!?
fantastic list you are very lucky.
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Did you mean lots of house martins, Will, or lots of nuthatches? In any case, you're very lucky to have such a variety!
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Hi all

Thanks for your interest in my thread.

To confirm i meant lots of housemartins, but they have all gone now.

Have some new videos now on youtube which you may be interested to see -

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlsWKfAlZno rescued a housemartin!




Our garden is a decent size, and were are lucky to back onto endless fields. Also fields to the front of us and lots of woods nearby,

I put out peanuts, sunflower hearts, nyjer for the Goldfinches and half coconut shells that you get from most pet stores. If you put the food out and keep a constant supply, you are sure to get lots of birds in your garden as they will always come back to where they know there is food.

Ooh, also had a lone siskin/serin (not sure) on the nyjer feeder today!
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