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Hi is anyone around to advice please - got 7 baby blue tits which were last fed last night by ma and pa. Not been around today - done what I have read on here - put nest in a box and am feeding them worms and meal worm with plastic tweezers. The birds have been fed for at least a week by ma and pa - they have feathers but when they open their feathers the body is very red and raw looking.

What more can I do to help them - I have rung wildlife haven in thirsk and have left a message.What time do you do the last feed and the first one in the morning
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Default Can I adjust camera in birdbox without jeapordising chicks?

I have a camera setup in a birdbox with 7 bluetit chicks progressing well. Now, suddenly, the camera has been moved/tilted - presumable by one of the parents. My very anxious question is: can I open the birdbox to readjust the camera without the risk of the parents abandoning the nest and chicks altogether? Really appreciate some advice! Thanks - Barbara
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Hi Barbara

You're wise to be cautious about disturbing the chicks, but if the chicks are of any size you should be fine to open the nest box to re-position the camera.

The best way is to approach the nest box during the day, at least an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, checking to make sure that a parent bird hasn't just entered. To be extra safe I watch the box for a minute or so and then approach noisily, whistling or clapping my hands, and then tap on the box as a final precaution against disturbing an adult at the nest. It's then a question of minimising the disturbance by spending as little time as possible at the nest, but without rushing as that tends to make us clumsy!

If at all possible don't visit the nest if it's raining.

I hope that's helpful, and that you are able to re-position the camera and enjoy watching the chicks grow and successfully fledge.
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Hi Martin

Very many thanks for your advice. I moved the camera, and yesterday four chicks fledged out of the seven which hatched. Was that an exceptionally high attrition rate? I was sad to see the three corpses when I cleaned out the box.

Thanks again!

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