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Old 19th May 2011, 12:47 AM   #1
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Default Hi all

Hi Im very new and wanted to ask you more experienced people what is the best way to attract some of our more unusual birds into our garden. Let me explain, Im disabled with spinal issues + severe depression, so ive decided to use bird watching/photography to help me along and out of this rut.
I live in a fairly rural spot in west kent (outside Paddock Wood) and so far ive had greater & lesser spotted woodpeckers, collard doves, wood pidgeon, starlings, sparrowhawk, kestrel, sparrows, goldfinch, robin, dunnock, great tit, blue tit, long tailed tit and one greenfinch.
I know (when I could walk) that the trees across the road had tree creepers & nuthatch.
So Id like to see if its considered possible to attract those plus what people think are other species I could attract and how should I go about getting any other types ?
Ive got water, mixed seed, niger seed, peanuts and fat balls plus a few meal worms. I cant afford too much more as Im medically retired and only on disability benefits (sorry).
So if you could advise on other potential types and how to go about attracting them given my circumstances.
Thank you very much in advance and sorry for being a nuisance.
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Old 20th May 2011, 08:34 PM   #2
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You are definitely not a nuisance here Neill. Take that from another pest who suffered a severe spinal trauma and took the same course (watching and snapping). Most days I have an hour or so watching and snapping the birds out of the dining room patio doors. It's fun. Trouble is, the hours don't half whip by. I have done the medical retirment and benefits thing, and Thank God I'm retired at last. Anyone sends me another form and I'll... Not a fun place to be, no matter what folks think.

More by luck than judgement I managed to get out of my wheelchair and I'm generally fine when I'm moving forward, although I have to watch my feet. But I can't stand. I have no chance of standing to take a snap - even the best anti-shake can't cope with me.. I finish up falling over (propreception nerves - no idea of the spelling of that - can't see my feet while I'm snapping) and with the cost of camera equipment these days I prefer to sit.

You have a good mix of birds there already. I'd throw in some sunflower hearts to keep the finches happy and hopefully to encourage more. I've just mentioned elsewhere that we've had a Bullfinch on the sunflower hearts most days this week. Gives me a little kick everytime I see him. He must have been in some sort of accident, because it looks as though he's been scalped!

I have yet to see a Tree Creeper or Nuthatch around here, so I couldn't suggest what you should feed to sttract them. A Google might help..

Best wishes..
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Old 20th May 2011, 11:32 PM   #3
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Default Thank you

Hi, many thanks for your kindness, feeling low today as the transport arranged a month ago failed to turn up hence I missed a "last ditch" appointment at tha Stanmore which ive waited 6 months for. So kind words are welcome.
I can walk a bit but cant sit so I prop myself up on a big beanbag which lets me get some pics. Unfortunately Ive got very severe depression (my suicide unfortunately failed just leaving me with slight brain damage!!, serves me right). But am finding the birds are helping my mood etc so am keen to get as many types as possible. Hence my request.
Anyway many thanks again, yours Neill
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Old 1st June 2011, 09:14 PM   #4
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I'm thinking that as you are on a budget, you might think of swapping your niger seed, once it's used up, for sunflower hearts. Niger seed chiefly benefits goldfinches, but sunflower hearts appeal not only to them but to most finches and also in a small way to tits, and I've even seen our robin on them. I get kibbled sunflower hearts, which are smaller and enjoyed by a broad range of garden birds, and probably easier for fledglings.
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Old 5th June 2011, 08:17 AM   #5
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Hi Neill
I too have spinal issues - paraplegic so can understand a few of your plights. If you can do any kind of gardening even if just in big pots or raised beds then you could maybe plant out some plants for attracting birds in which would supplement the seed that you buy. If you do a google search on 'plants for feeding birds' you will find quite a few easy to grow kinds and not just for feeding them but for nesting sites too. You could grow some plants for their seed and grow other plants that encourage insects like aphids and caterpillars and others for attracting hoverflies, moths, butterflies etc as food for birds. I also find it very therapeutic to do gardening even though I can't do all that much it lifts my mood to get my hands dirty and grow things that benefit wildlife. Sorry I realise I haven't named anything in specific.

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Old 5th June 2011, 04:19 PM   #6
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Nice post Jackie good advice.
As Jandy said, a small feeder with either Sunflower Hearts or a *no mess* mix will keep you and your garden birds happy. You could try getting a window feeder... http://www.birdfood.co.uk/product_de...33&prd_id=1199

Or.... http://www.featherswildbirdcare.co.u.../observer.html

These are easy for you to keep topped up and the birds are right next to you.
Personally I believe that the oppotunity of watching wild life when you are feeling a little below par does you the world of good, I know whenever I feel a tad stressed a contact with the wild helps .
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