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Default Warnings about dangers of sultanas and raisons

Before I get shot down, I know CJ's are very particular about their warnings about foods containing the above but was horrified to find out a number of general sellers have no idea of the risk these can pose to dogs.

I'm not being a traitor to CJ, but I do admit to picking up the odd large sack of general seed mix from other places if running low and winter weather meaning ferries unreliable (and to give you an idea of how much the troops here eat, it's currently working out at 5kg of general seed (not to mention peanuts, nyjer seed and bird seed cake) every 60 hours! I'm a pensioner and this is getting a bit expensive! I admit I've not fed the birds for the last couple of months but natural food is becoming scarce and the gorgeous weather the last week has meant some chilly nights so got geared up again. Over last winter and again just last week, I did just that and not one of the sellers knew of the dangers of their enhanced (with fruit) general seed mix. Yes, being a dog owner, I did warn them and the local lad who's building up his agricultural food and equipment business that I picked up a big bag from last week in desperation has taken that on board with a notice warning of the issues. He also has been on this website to look at your warnings.

BTW, thanks very much for latest delivery - really quick!
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Hi Jenny

I've been on holiday, I'm very sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Thank you for spreading the word on the risks to dogs from foods containing sultanas and raisins, the more people who know the safer our pets will be! If businesses are wary of using a competitor's website the RSPCA also has some information: http://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwel...isoning/common

I'm glad the latest delivery was so prompt!
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