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I have just bought a cheap suet block feeder from a local shop as an impulse buy, and it is an instant hit.

The feeder and its block have only been up for 90 minutes, and already I have had half a dozen juvenile starlings fighting over the contents, and a great tit that seemed to eat a large amount, maybe in between feeding babies?

I recommend one of these to everyone.

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I have fatballs out, and starling peanut cakes, but by far the most popular fat items in my garden are the square peanut blocks, which I get in bulk in varieties of normal, seed and insect. I can put one out in the morning and it will be gone by next day. The young starlings are just getting to grips with this, and it is constantly entertaining how they try to balance on the feeder, try to shove ahead of the others and fall off, and then there are the ones who line up on the patio rail just underneath and jump up and down trying to reach the food! Unfortunately it is also the time of year for the inexperienced young starlings to start flying into our windows - in spite of the Sentinel stickers - luckily so far with no ill effects!
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