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Default Spring snow brings potential woe to garden birds

With the sudden onset of freezing temperatures, frozen ground and a fair covering of snow across most of the UK, we are asking you to remember to feed and provide water for your garden visitors and we are offering customers the chance to save £’s on high energy peanut cakes during the cold spell…

Small garden birds need to consume 30-40% of their body weight every day just to survive harsh conditions and a sudden, unseasonal onset of freezing temperatures can be disastrous for even the most-hardy of our garden visitors. A bird’s chances of survival at this time can be increased greatly with our help, an extra feeder full of food, or high energy fat and suet treats will be a welcome reprieve for birds desperately searching for something to eat.

Martin George, Wildlife Education and Research Officer at CJ Wildlife says “It is important to remember that the frozen ground makes it very difficult for birds to find enough food for their needs and small birds in particular need the extra calories and fat just to see them through the cold spell.

Ideal foods during extreme cold weather are sunflowers, peanuts and peanut cakes. All of these foods contain a high calorie level and are plentiful in the fats that birds need to consume and reserve to ensure they can maintain body temperature through the long nights.

A clean supply of water is also important. As well as providing valuable drinking water, it will also help them keep their plumage in tip top condition which is vital for their insulation during the freezing nights. During these extreme weather conditions water can be put out tepid to avoid icing over.

Special Offer

Fat and suet provide your garden birds with a high energy, high calorie meal which is quick to consume, essential when trying to reserve energy during cold weather, and this weekend we have a special offer on CJ Wildlife mixed pack of 500ml peanut cakes to help you help your birds in the best way you can…

Peanut Cake 500ml – Mixed 3 Pack Was £9.75 Now Only £7.95
Peanut Cake 500ml – Mixed 12 Pack Was £37.00 Now Only £29.95

For more information, or to buy, visit www.birdfood.co.uk/cakes
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hi Lisa

The garden birds must be in a state of confusion about the weather at the moment. The blackbirds are singing for territory in the snow. and the female blackbirds are picking up nest material in the snow - i feel for the birds such a lot

We must stock up with bird food, and need to buy bulk sooner than larter as it is a cheaper way to buy bird food.

Will sort something out with CJW soon enough

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Hi Hazelnuts! It's been a while

Yes the birds are struggling but is it great to hear of so many people looking out for them during the rather chilly start to our spring!

I for one have lots of birds visiting the garden at the moment - blackcaps, robins, blackbirds, long-tailed tits, great tits, blue tits and the occasional great spotted woodpecker; they really are getting their fill of fat.

It's going to stay cold for a few more weeks we hear, so we have put together an Easter Treat Bundle of high energy fat & suet treats for £9.99 to help you keep your gardens well stocked.
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