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Kerry L
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Default Update for 2016

Hello peeps.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are ready for the New Year - may it be a happy one too!

So here we are again with the annual review of the goings on here. Chaffinches are pretty rare nowadays with sparrows once again on the increase. The sparrows nested in our wren box yet again with another 3 attempts at rearing their young. I wonder if a magpie got at one brood as they were ready to fly and suddenly all went except one baby. Unless the others got bored waiting and nipped off early one morning. I'd like to think so. Anyway I think the last (runt?) eventually made it. Blue tits always doing well here. This year hubby and I were sitting in the garden when a family of long tailed tits had newly fledged causing parents a lot of grief as they investigated us up close!!!
I seem to have lost my blackbirds at the front door, although a wren peeps a lot out there, plus a robin. I do have a blackbird and a couple of robins out the back. He's been very impatient with this current cold and foggy snap.
I have 3 crows. Whether one is Blackbeard or son of Blackbeard I don't know, but I've now called him Giuseppe and his wife Josephine. Can't remember what the 2 babes were called. Josie I think one was. But now there are only 3. One is decidedly tatty - mother-in-law retired with her kids? Giuseppe I can only recognise when he's with the other 2 as he's a little bigger. He also has his pirate ARRR going for him.
Starlings are also on the increase. Haven't had any for a long time, then earlier this autumn there were 2 now there are a heck of a lot more! Wonderful! I missed my little Harrier Jump Jets!

Sightings on our walks - my beautiful lapwings. Big increase here and not only on the organic farm - closer to home. Love it love it love it!
One little brown bird (well the ones that I finally spotted up high seemed to be that colour to me) also seems to be on the increase. I had to look it up by the distinct chatter - chiffchaffs. They seem to be everywhere we have gone although not around home . . . yet.

Buzzards still doing well as are the kites. The kites are now increasing quite quickly here. We also had a very handsome Mr Pheasant that had lost his way along the road so I trailed some grain back to the woods. Now whether he managed to taste any or whether it was my Hansel and Gretel moment I'll never know. Anyway I didn't see any squashed pheasant around so I hope he went home.

We had 2 collared doves, but reduced to 1 and for a long time none. Now have another 2 so I am happy.

Other wildlife are huge hedgehogs - hopefully hibernating now. And a very rude Mr Squirrel who moonied me. Squirrels went away and now coming back again.

At the moment I have 3 chickens left and currently under curfew. They are most frustrated but as yet not yelled to let the neighbours know. We are still feeding the wild birds in the hope of building up their strength to cope with any nasty stuff that may come our way.
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Kerry L
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: A village on the outskirts of Basingstoke
Posts: 319

Another one to add is a pied wagtail in the front garden. They do come from time to time but this morning is a first for quite a while.
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