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Default Holes in lawn...

I have a question that no one else has been able to answer:

All over my lawn, I have holes that are about 1-2 inches across but appear to be quite deep and lead into burrows, or tunnels of some sort. I am wondering what is making these holes!

They are not big enough for rats or rabbits and I have seen nothing coming out and there are no hills that I would associate with moles.

What do you think these could be? I live in Cambridgeshire.
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My first thought was that they might be "snuffle holes" caused by badgers rooting for for food such as earthworms or leatherjackets. If the holes are leading into burrows I imagine they're made by a small rodent such as a wood mouse or field vole.

I will ask our local mammal group for their opinion, but does anyone else have any thought son what might be causing these holes please?
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If it's like our bank, it's likely to be voles. Our bank is riddled with these small holes and tunnels. We're not too fussed about them as the bank is wild flowers only and the voles' presence attracts the owls.
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