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Default Anyone remember Frisa and Skye on Springwatch?

Spoke with Dave Sexton, Mull's RSPB officer, a couple of days ago and he tells me the pair are looking good. Having spent several years as part of the Eagle Watch team looking out for this pair and their chicks and going through the tragedies that happened, to me that's really good news. Doing Eagle Watch is not just bird-watching, it's a commitment to protect these birds from not just malicious intervention but also ignorant disturbance as well.
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That is sad because they are such gorgeous birds. Awesome to see them zooming up close while they are flying and we were driving on the road. It was oooerrr DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF IT!!!! Sad part of it was when we were on tours and watching from a safe distance with Ruth and Stuart (binocs with good lenses are a must) there was a lot of concern about the way people were trying to get way too close to the nests. It is tempting to try and get a glimpse of a chick, but people want to see it NOW and have no patience to wait and watch without disturbing the birds. By doing that they fail to take in their surroundings, listen to other things, see other things - they may miss spotting an otter under their noses - and then complain about not seeing otters because the otter failed to appear when they wanted it to!
We know that if you sit and wait patiently the wildlife comes to you!!!
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