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Default Squirrel proof feeder - looks small, is it?


We recently moved and I used to feed the birds in my old place with energy balls, which made a great mess as birds would spit what they didn't want.

We now live on the fourth/top floor (quite high) of a building in a n ice area surrounded by lots of trees, birds, which I hear...so I decided to put something on the balcony. I bought CJ's squirrel proof bird seed feeder, mostly to stop pigeons eating, and I have few questions for the experts, or people who know more about the birds than me:

1. Currently it is on the floor of my balcony, we are the same height as the tops of very old trees so pretty high - do birds see as high as that to go feed?

2. The spaces on the sphere seem small to me so not sure if the birds will want to squeeze in to eat, has anyone used that?

3. Currently it is on the floor of my empty balcony, I am not sure I can attach it to the wall, should I buy a stand or attach it to the railing? What would make it more visible? So far no birds

Thanks for any advice

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It seems to be intended to hang from something, a pole with metal arms or hooks attached, or a hanging bracket that could be attached direct to your wall. The latter sounds preferable for a balcony, as a pole, unless the base is well weighted, can topple over. Small seed-eating birds like finches should have no problem getting through the spaces, and they are not usually ground feeders, so another reason to hang the feeder up.

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Thank you so much for answering, still no birds but now I know why, will source the hook for the wall.
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I guess most balconies won't have bird feeders, especially not that high up, which probably accounts for the lack of bird sightings unfortunately. A real shame, I hope some come to visit Tinny!
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