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Unhappy Help

I have issues with Jackdoors, I cant find feeders to buy with cages? they seem squirrel proof but not jackdoors. Somebody on here said they wont be around for ever they rear there young then they leave???
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Thank you for your enquiry.

Jackdaws are intelligent and persistent birds that won’t be able to resist a good supply of energy rich food, but hopefully the problem will soon improve.

At this time of year the youngsters are newly fledged and fairly dependent on their parents. Jackdaws can be present throughout the year but May and June are usually the two months when they tend to cause problems because of their need to forage for their growing youngsters. By the end of July the flocks are able to disperse and feed over a wider area, and natural mortality inevitably results in fewer young birds being around to look for food. I hope the second graph on the Jackdaw page of the BTO’s Garden BirdWatch survey will provide some comfort! http://app.bto.org/gbw-dailyresults/...bwr453-20.html

Our caged Fat Ball & Suet Feeder Guardians http://www.birdfood.co.uk/ctrl/node:...n#.VZESF1JKV6I will deter Jackdaws, but if they are very determined they can make a nuisance of themselves by feeding at a reduced rate for longer and discouraging smaller birds to visit the feeding area.

If the problem persists I think that moving to caged feeders will eventually persuade the birds to look for easier pickings elsewhere, but it may be worth waiting for two or three weeks to see if the problem reduces naturally.

I hope that’s helpful, but just say if there is any more I can do for you.
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