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Kerry L
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Default Lapwing update

Well last year we only spotted a couple of nesting birds. Last autumn we went on our usual walks around Laverstoke farm and I was amazed. The flocks have returned in huge numbers. Not only that they are still there! On both sides of Overton the lapwings are making a comeback it seems.
I am convinced that the organic way is the best way - this place is teeming with all sorts - mammals to insects. There is always something that we spot that is new to us every year. My husband has never seen anything like the lapwings before (we did see lots in Mull too - the most I'd seen for a heck of a long time but never expected to get the same locally and in such a short space of time).

In addition to that, the tawnys have gone quiet having been very vociferous outside my bedroom window a few times! The kites are on the increase and we regularly get at least one and quite often 2 swooping over the houses - almost low enough to touch. The blue tits are back in their usual spot - and as usual we forgot to move the nest box as the nesting birds irritate the chickens (which then have to be sorted out before the neighbours whinge). Shame on us we didn't put feeders out this year, although the blackbirds and robins are doing very nicely for raisins. Already Mr and Mrs Blackbird (well one pair - there seem to be about 3 pairs sneaking in each other's territories - have been tapdancing on my greenhouse as a big hint to get out of the way because they want the chicken food!

The robins are nesting in the same tree in the ivy as usual - and although we all know where they are, they like us to turn our heads in the opposite direction so we don't see where they fly to. Well the cheeping chicks do give the game away a bit!

Another strange thing that happened fairly recently was long tailed tits coming up close while we were sitting in the garden. Not happened before and so we thought perhaps they are getting more brave around humans now.
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