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Default Concern - New 2010 Catalogue

Hi CJs. Thanks for your new Spring 2010 catalogue, once again packed full with some great products. However, two items you have detailed in your catalogue do concern me somewhat ...

The first is your new thatched nest box on page three. The photograph above (with pair of Blue Tits) clearly illustrates there is very little height between the nest box entrance and the base of the box. Once a nest is built there will be even less space and one must ask if any young birds wouldbe safe from preditors including Woodpeckers! Would it not be better to design a similar box with extra height or even position the entrance hole high in the gable?

My second concern relates to your Best Nest Wool product on page twenty-four. Is it wise to provide synthetic wool products to aid nest building? Is there not a danger of adult and young birds getting their feed entangles with such products?

Just an observation. Comments welcome.
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I can't remember now where I have seen it, but I remember seeing nesting material advertised which consisted of real natural (ie not spun or anything) sheep's wool in a container, which I would think would be preferable to thread, unless the bits of thread are quite short. I know that birds will often make use of anything they find to build a nest, but I would agree with banks that wool would be far better than synthetic fibres, as wool provides natural insulation.

I"ve just remembered where I saw the sheep's wool nesting material - in the RSPB mini-catalogue, I think it was last spring or summer. It was in the form of an apple-shaped terracotta pot with holes in to get at the fluff. You could also buy refills of the nesting wool by itself. (Sorry, CJ!)
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Hi Banks

Thank you for your email. We have checked our stocks and you are correct, the nest box entrance hole should be a minimum of 12cm from the bottom of the hole to the base of the nest box and in the case the gap is only 10cm.

We are now waiting for replacement stock and this item will be available for sale again once the entrance hole is in the correct position on the nest box.

Regarding the nesting material that we are now selling, this is only a short thread material and will be safe for parent birds and their young. The problems you have mentioned are more likely to result from using a longer thread material.

Thank you again for your comments.


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Before we moved 'my' birds used to collect the combings from my goldie, they must have had lovely warm nests though a little smelly. I'm waiting to see if the birds where I live now will collect any stray hairs from my dog.

Have any birds started nesting yet? The other day I noticed some rooks inspecting some of last years nests as if they were wondering if they could be refurbished, but I didn't see any new nesting material being brought in.

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