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Urban Wild
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Default Robins Nesting Dangerously

Hi, Robin's are busy building a nest in creeper near our kitchen patio-wonderfully close to us, but already spotted by cat and they won't stand a chance.

Two years ago they nested in similar position higher up and I covered this with wire with a small hole for them to go happily in and out and which kept cats out. Fox got two of four as they flew the nest that year, but we think 1-2 made it.

I've moved the nest to old position, but now they are confused, not surprisingly. Any ideas on how to entice Robin's to this new, safer position? There is a landing stick at entrance, but would feathers and bright materials attract their attention or put them off?

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I think any bright materials would put them off. Feathers might give them the wrong impression too - like something else is already nesting there.

If they don't take to the repositioned nest, then don't worry, they'll build a new one somewhere else - it will take them a bit longer, but perhaps they'll build it in a better place the next time.

Our blackbirds had to go through the same thing - trial and error building nests in unsuitable nests, but last year they cracked it, nested early and quietly, and we had a bumper crop of baby BBs
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