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Hi again. I can't believe it's such a long time since I last popped on here. Sorry about that!

I have seen 2 hedgehogs in the garden here but only one that sneaked into the chicken's covered dirt bath and made a little nest there. The chickens are frightened of the huge scary hedgehogs so I always know when there is one snuffling around in the evening as they yell. So I had to transfer him to a dry, sheltered spot with all his leaves away from my birds! He was of good weight but when I checked on him he had moved - hopefully to a safe spot where he won't be disturbed.
I have never seen more than two around. During the summer my daughter called me out to watch a young hedgehog rummaging around in the front garden when she returned home very late, so we watched and a tawny owl flew across the road above us! We apparently were out at the right time!
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