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Hi, i was given a hedgehog basket for xmas and hope to introduce hedgehogs into the garden. It didn't come with instructions other than where and how to place it. What is the best time of year to put it out to attract hedgehogs?? Does it need food in it?? (i was also given hedgehog food). Will it attract hedgehogs?? We have a huge slug and snail problem so i thought we'd already have hedgehogs. We are surrounded on 3 sides by fields but have 3 dogs and a cat, will this put hedgehogs off??
I'd love to attract loads of wildlife but don't really know where to start. We've seen foxes in the fields and put the odd chicken carcas over the hedge for them. Buzzards are often in the field and i feed the small birds with fat balls and the wood pigoens with seed. We have a problem with mice eating the intetiors of my husbands classic cars so i daren't put too much food about. Thanks bramble
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