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Cool My new garden family

Im fairly new to the whole bird thing as i recently thought i would introduce a feeder to the garden to cater for a couple of local sparrows, I now over the last few weeks seem to have most of the bristol bird population arriving daily, So far this includes

Sparrows (lots of)
Collard doves
Robin (resident)
Blue tits
Great tits
Coal tits
Long tailed tits
Greenfinches (not seen in a while tho)
And 2 days ago a large bird of prey possibly a hawk or falcon swooped out of nowhere and tried to grab a dove from the garden, me and the missus where stood about 20ft away at the time, Scared the life out of us and the birds.
All the birds have been cautious since this happened so hopefully its not going to be a regular thing, It was amazing to see a bird of that size so close but i would prefer to keep things on a smaller scale.

Started off with seed and peanuts but have now progressed to Fat balls, Suet blocks, Sunflower hearts and seeds, nyjer seeds and now live meal worm.

Seems to be getting out of hand but the more different foods i put out the more species that arrive, I find myself spending more time watching the garden than anything else now

I will keep ya posted on progress.
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