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Cor what a cheek! Maybe she thought they were the boat's binocs to pass round or borrow - but she shouldn't have taken without asking even so - and good for you chasing payment from her. Murray bought a pair of binocs a while ago and they are waterproof too - zoom is terrific. When we went out with Mull Magic we borrowed theirs but he found his own pair was better, so after that he ordered some for me, so I've been really spoilt - tiny they are and much lighter to lug around.

We didn't to the puffin trip this time although the people staying with Helen did and found they were burrowing. It was quite early in the season I guess. Sounds like great fun and games with them - great for your cuz to see. I had to laugh at the photographer - fancy not believing what Jenny the Eagle says!

We were watching a family of shelducks - the babies looked like little humbugs - so cute! And as I already told Jenny when we met up, we also saw otters - a larger one and a smaller and darker one. Jenny said it was likely a mum with baby because the dog otters don't hang around. Sadly my photos were a bit poor - the ducks were on a drizzly day and the otters too far out for the camera - really up close in the binocs!
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