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banks 5th February 2008 10:52 PM

North Cumbria
Hi to everyone from Carlisle, North Cumbria. We're just about to move on from what has been a great little garden right on the edge of town that has kept me entertained for the last three years. The garden has enjoyed its fair share of feathered visitors in that time. We're now moving out to a village some 10 miles away this coming weekend and I'm already excited at the though of attracted new species into the garden (spotted a Nuthatch whilst viewing the property - not too common this far north)!

The property is on the very edge of a small village with open fields to the front and a small wooded area (which belongs to the property) to the rear. Is it wise to a bird table at either end of the property?

I look forwad to keeping you all up-to-date once we get moved in.

magnuspullus 7th February 2008 10:37 PM

Welcome Banks!

barn owl 8th February 2008 05:32 PM

Welcome Banks,
a move is exciting i think, especially looking for the wildlife, first bird i saw was a nuthatch, i was in awe, i said hey baby look thats a nuthatch... answer was yes we get them here a lot. lol Guess wot we do. and i know where they nest which confused me ... where would you all expect a N/H to nest ? i thought just in a tree. but they are nesting under a nieghbours house, yes UNDER, theres a small gap on the corner and they are in and out all day long.
found feathers in the garden today, either a sparrowhawk or our cats, deffinately a blue tit bit the dust, but spring is here and its the best weather for ages, at the moment i just hang out fat balls, and spread the old bread on the lawn, actually i am waiting in antisipation (is that good spelling it looks wrong) for the flycatchers to come back. i am soooo happy summer is on the way, birds waking me up and demanding breaky lol.
i was cutting wood today and a wren came within feet of me complaining about the chain saw and my axe lol. real cheecky he/she was too. basically i had a wonderful day with the birds, and at my age thats a bonus lol.
regards owl.

banks 11th February 2008 11:12 AM

Quick up-date ...

Moved into property last Friday and first thing we did was put feeders up. Spent the weekend unpacking boxes whilst keeping an eye on peanut and suet feeders in wooded area and seed feeder in side garden.

Species so far:

Blue Tit (far too many to count)
Great Tit
Long-Tailed Tit (3)
Coal Tit
Green Finch
Gold Finch
House Sparrow
Nuthatch (2)
Great-Spotted Woodpecker
Sparrowhawk (1) (quick hunting mission)
Wood Pigeon

I know Pied Flycatchers nest in woodland about a mile away - roll-on the spring!

barn owl 11th February 2008 05:57 PM

Banks if thats a start then it looks great, well done, i know we get lots here but greenfinch are rare, as are bull.
Strange hing the other day i ws doing my post i mean postman service and i went down a lane and saw at least 200 chaffinch in the trees, i was amazed.
We only get 2 or 4 here, to be honest i never expected to see anything in groups apart from starlings sparrows and gulls, but last year it was cormorants and herons etc.
I look 4ward to this year, my list grows AND they never cease 2 amaze me.
I just hope the flycatchers come back, i fitted now today 3 new nest boxes so in total thats 9, AND there was interest in one today after an hr. the wife went shopping and i asked for peanuts,, i have lots of fat balls lol. and guess wot she brought home ? yep more fat balls, bless her heart.
anyway the birds get fed, and the bread will surfise.
anyway buddy sounds like you had a good move, update on species, and get those nest boxes out.
but does anyone clean out the old nests as a prep for a new breed,? ?
or do you leave the old nest and see ?
the flycatchers i left, but today i moved boxes away from feed points and having moved them i cleaned out 3.
kinda a new start i guess.
Lots of interest, i also noticed that when i point boxes toward the sun in the am i get more response. maybe a warm start gets a more pleasurable location, i really dont know.
any thoughts on the point of entry ?
am or pm ?
birds live for food and breeding, to continue the species, i think climate and food is the most important, we all see birds kinda OFFtrack, i believe we all want to help them, i sometimes wonder how they would survive without us. after all we take their spA

banks 18th February 2008 02:27 PM

Several more species to add to my list ...

Jay (2)
Marsh Tit (1)

New bird table arrived on Friday and finally got round to putting nest boxes up yesterday. Still got House Sparrow nest box to position this coming weekend.

miss jay 26th February 2008 01:26 PM

Sound like you've moved to a wonderful location. I love Cumbria, last year we were lucky enough to see Golden Eagles there!

70007 5th March 2008 03:42 PM

I'm getting very jealous now Banks, especially as you have your own wooded area.

To have that many species within 4 weeks of moving is really encouraging at this time of year. Just imagine what else you might get when the migrants show up.

With regular feeding, your place will soon get the bird equivalent of michelin stars.:)

banks 13th March 2008 10:19 AM

Siskins have now found the peanuts feeders in both garden and woodland area!

70007 13th March 2008 12:54 PM

I hope you can post some photos in the future. Sounds like a bird haven.

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