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Jenny 11th May 2015 11:30 PM

Just amazed!
Not posted for a bit, though owe some replies, and feeling guilty because, with Mum passing on, have not been that kind to the birds at this critical time of year. And haven't they let me know it! However, today, maybe one of the sparrow families residing in our eaves will forgive us, Son was out with dog doing odd bits in jungle when dog got very interested.He picked up fledgling sparrow lying in open and brought it to son who put is somewhere safe from devil cat next door; dog then found second chick and did same - parents seen feeding them and hopefully all will be well. Dog isn't retriever type - is this normal?

Kerry L 1st July 2015 03:30 PM

Well I guess Tigger knows you play with eagles so thinks twice about doing any mischief! Bless his little cotton socks.

Just got our second lot (in the wren box) - they don't hang around.

Sadly 2 baby sparrows had fallen out of Helen's roof while we were staying there - way too small and loads of feathers. Wondered if they were boys, because the female sparrow that I looked after was bald for some time and was fairly big when she grew feathers? Parents did not feed them and the crops were empty. :(

Jenny 1st July 2015 08:24 PM

Hi, Kerry, Tigger is now driving the sparrows crazy as he is checking all the long grass, etc. for baby sparrows.The initial rescue chicks have rapidly grown - nearly as big as Mum and Dad.

Melting in this heat (and we're 10 degrees C lower than down south) and but there's no breeze.

Kerry L 19th July 2015 12:44 PM

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Yes, still hot, but a lot more cooler than it was. I've been looking after a bearded dragon. Not wildlife!
But the 2nd lot of sparrows have fledged and gone. I now have bumblebees in 3 places - under the shed and in the dry stone walling/hedging and now down a hole in one of the paths! I can't help but watch them for ages!
Murray has now put the bird feeders back out and we're having loads of coal tits (one very much the worse for wear), great tits and blue tits. Chaffinches were there this morning along with 3 woodpeckers.
Went for a walk early yesterday and saw loads of butterflies - clouds of skippers and gatekeepers, but also peacocks, torties and 2 silver washed fritillaries who were really friendly with each other.:eek:

Jenny 19th July 2015 08:15 PM

Lovely photo! I'm not very good on butterflies and moths so will have to get the book out!
Our sparrows seem to be on brood no. 3 - sadly cat got one - all hell was letting loose out front and I was too late. Blackbirds have also had second brood - territory fights going on all the time. One fledgling seems a bit lacking - keeps coming into the dining room through patio doors and it's not for crumbs - I have hoovered!

Best news is that we've seen a greater spotted woodpecker - we lost our regular visitor some nine years ago when (we think) she was forced out when they built some flats. Now frantically making birdcake in case.

Went out to Lunga and Staffa on boat trip last Thursday with cousin from Canada. Wasn't great from marine life viewpoint - Harbour porpoises and common seals only but the puffins excelled as ever - some people who'd been to the Farnes and Bempton were amazed at how relaxed they were here by comparison. We had them coming in with sand eels, nest material pinching, domestic disputes and a totally hilarious burrow ownership battle with some rabbits! The Arctic Skuas were decidedly belligerent - one chap saw his hat disappear into the water but, for me at least, was glad to learn that there's still only four pairs of bonxies there and they were being seriously mobbed.

There were a lot of rock pipits - spotted nest on Staffa - and on Lunga we saw wheatear and golden plover.

Weather was really starting to turn on way back but we were treated to a very up close and personal view of a female sea eagle - she even took off and flew close over the boat - one of the very serious bird photographers (who'd not actually believed me when I'd told him about the size) turned round and said "****, I'm sorry I didn't believe you this morning but that was just amazing."

Downside of the day: a lot of people didn't have binoculars - which seems a bit odd - and I was letting my cousin and her cousin use mine, but when the sea eagle appeared, my bins were doing the rounds, no probs with the group of Dutch people or the American couple or the South African but as she was passing them back up to me, an English person grabbed them and dropped them - Nikons they were. Very, very angry and upset. Tour operators have got their details, spoken with them and I'm making a claim on their insurance. How come other nations can ask if they may look and it has to be a fellow Brit who just grabs them? OK, shouldn't have loaned them but some of these folk haven't had the chance and may not have again - almost certainly in my cousin's case and that of her South African cousin - and I wanted them to have the experience.

Kerry L 21st July 2015 09:14 AM

Cor what a cheek! Maybe she thought they were the boat's binocs to pass round or borrow - but she shouldn't have taken without asking even so - and good for you chasing payment from her. Murray bought a pair of binocs a while ago and they are waterproof too - zoom is terrific. When we went out with Mull Magic we borrowed theirs but he found his own pair was better, so after that he ordered some for me, so I've been really spoilt - tiny they are and much lighter to lug around.

We didn't to the puffin trip this time although the people staying with Helen did and found they were burrowing. It was quite early in the season I guess. Sounds like great fun and games with them - great for your cuz to see. I had to laugh at the photographer - fancy not believing what Jenny the Eagle says!

We were watching a family of shelducks - the babies looked like little humbugs - so cute! And as I already told Jenny when we met up, we also saw otters - a larger one and a smaller and darker one. Jenny said it was likely a mum with baby because the dog otters don't hang around. Sadly my photos were a bit poor - the ducks were on a drizzly day and the otters too far out for the camera - really up close in the binocs!

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